Planning & Strategic Advice

Planning and Strategic Advice

(Business and Economic Development)

We make a difference to our clients by assisting them to solve their most complex business problems and set a plan for the future. We bring our deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to enhance an organisations vision and improve its value.

Giving good advice means turning powerful analysis into straight, clear and actionable answers. Our assistance helps clients make informed commercial decisions. We blend concise communication skills, quantitative techniques, financial modelling as well as common sense.

Our goal is to help our client integrate all aspects of the business’s activities in a mutually supportive system. We develop a strategy for clients to be disciplined in following their goals whilst helping them build a competitive advantage at every level of their operation. We make a difference by developing HR strategies that enhance value through staff and we work closely with marketing experts to bring the brand of the business to the forefront.

Some of the activities included are:-

Business Improvement

providing strategic advice (including board composition, human resources construct, debt requirements and possible business restructuring)

Business and Strategic Planning

Working with you to develop and set goals for the future.

Succession Planning

Assisting you to develop a clear path for the succession of assets and your business.

Change Management

Introducing and facilitating changes required in order for the business to prosper

Due Diligence

Assisting you with the investigation of a business prior to purchasing and signing a contract

Asset protection

Review of existing structure to maximize benefits to you


Assisting you in recognizing the true value of your business and assets to assist in specialist areas, including matrimonial asset allocation, business restructure and complying with statutory obligations.

Human Resources Assistance

Integrating people strategy with business strategy to boost your organisational effectiveness.