For Purpose Enterprises

For Purpose/Not for Profit Enterprises

We are dedicated to helping the staff, volunteers, managers and board members of small-to-medium not for profit enterprises access the information and support they need to help their organisations grow.


We understand three factors are needed to create a strong organisational foundation: good governance, a logical and easy to implement strategic plan and, most of all, well-informed and well-supported people.


We also understand the difficulties small-to-medium not for profit enterprises face accessing professional services, which is why we are always willing to discuss your budget and your needs.

Our portfolio consists of the following services:

Strategic Planning

To provide not for profit  board members and managers with a clear direction for their organisation;

Grant applications

Assisting with the preparation and submission of grant applications;


Developing systems to meet and achieve compliance commitments and grant acquittal requirements;

Professional development

Assisting the Board, managers and staff with the development of their skills.