Elmarie Gebler

Elmarie Gebler

Elmarie Gebler – Director

Elmarie specialises in business growth and building capacity within organisations. This work has included strategic thinking, research and business diagnostics, organisational development, coaching, business planning and strategic change management. She works closely with her clients to build trusting, supportive relationships that extend past that of a business consultant, to friend and mentor.

With a background in organisational psychology, commerce and economics, Elmarie specialises in business and personal growth, focusing her energies on analytical thinking and performance improvement work with her clients. She has extensive experience with a vast array of businesses in a range of industries and prides herself on her strong knowledge of current issues facing businesses to provide a practical approach to change.

Elmarie has worked with indigenous clients for over 17 years and has solid experience in developing rapport and trust with these clients. Elmarie is multi-lingual and therefore understands the nuances and challenges of English as a second language. She greatly appreciates the significant, valuable relationships she has had the opportunity to establish in this diverse region.

Elmarie thrives on collaborating closely with her clients and offering her energy, ideas and substantial skill base to assist them to identify and achieve their goals. She believes that personal and professional ambitions are strongly interconnected and partners with her clients to identify actions that will enable them to fulfil their key aspirations. With solid experience in the business environment, Elmarie is able to assist these organisations understand and meet their compliance obligations and
extend their range of services to embrace new opportunities and ideas. This may include undertaking research projects, stakeholder engagement, benchmarking and initiating grant and funding proposals.

Elmarie has the capacity to view operations from a conceptual level to provide objective, practical and invaluable advice to stakeholders to effect real change and positive outcomes. From the practical, operational needs like developing and implementing cash flow budgets, to determining a strategy and associated planning, Elmarie proposes solutions and initiatives that offer great benefits at both a personal and organisational level.